Our menu changes daily because we pride ourselves on creativity, freshness & what's in season. Our goal is offer you a unique experience with a self-serve, laid back atmosphere. At this point, we make one delicious and properly prepared meal a day. It's kind of like going to grandma's, where you eat what's available but you know you'll love it! Check out our Facebook or Instagram feeds to see what the weekly menu is or just scroll down to see those feeds here. We provide plain and at least one flavored hummus weekly. We researched and tried a LOT of recipes before settling. It's so creamy and holds its own in the world o' hummus! Come try some and let us know what you think!

What's properly prepared you ask? We make EVERYTHING from scratch, including our broths, sauces and baked goods. Kimmi has learned through life and Nutritional Therapy that it helps to use as much of the earth-given nutrients as we can in our food. We simmer our broths for hours and sometimes even days, to get the most minerals out of the ingredients and into your body. We soak all our nuts and grains for optimal digestion. We're working on creating our own gluten- and grain-free sourdough breads to utilize natural yeasts and create food the way it began...slowly, allowing mother nature to aid in the process. The more awareness we can put into making our food, the better it will feel and taste in our bodies. 

We stand by our store philosophy in the kitchen as well. Guaranteed to only serve you a high quality experience. We only use grass-fed, pastured meats and strive to get all our veggies locally. What we can't get from our chemical-free local gardeners, we obtain organically through a reputable distributor. You'll rarely find dairy in our meals because we preach that raw dairy is best and unfortunately, the current laws limit our selection on raw dairy. When you do see cheese or other forms of dairy, know it's the best we can get our hands on that stays within our ethics. We'll never serve you refined fats/oils, flours and sugars. Butter is one of our favorite food groups! Kimmi makes food she'll eat herself and believe you me, she eats like a queen! 

Our promise to you is tasty goodness with a whole lotta love!
Come have a meal at our community table or get it to go. Lunch is only $10!

Want to have an intimate private dinner party? Our table seats 8! 


Salads to Go

We use organic and local when possible and for sure provide you with the highest quality ingredients. Our salads are made in small batches daily and always with a homemade dressing, typically a vinaigrette. You can expect high quality GREENS, not iceberg lettuce and the freshest accompanying vegetables. When we incorporate meat, we always have a vegetarian option. Know that supplies are limited so if you're jonesing for some Groovie Goodness, please call ahead.  

Everybody has their favorite ones so they do come back by popular demand. Let us know what your taste buds dream of and we'll make it happen! 

Other Goods to Go

SOUPS: When the weather is just crisp enough, we start making daily soups and sometimes cold soups in the summer! SANDWICHES & WRAPS: Sometimes you just want something you can truly sink your teeth into, so from time to time we surprise you with a sandwich or a wrap. Our meats are always preservative free!                                         HUMMUS: We've been told we make some of the best hummus in town! We always properly prepare our garbanzo beans and cook them from scratch to ensure you get blasted with flavor! We usually whip out a plain and a flavored for you dipping pleasure.                                                                      RAW DESSERTS: We're teaming up with Kimmi's Fine Foods to bring you raw energy bites made with the best ingredients!                                        

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Green Smoothie

The green smoothie is the ultimate in drinkable health. Well, besides water of course! Packed full of fresh greens with a little fruit, this is the smoothie for those of you that want to take a break from all the sweetness. 



Fruit Smoothie

Our fruit smoothies are always made with real fruit and never any artificial flavorings or added sugars! To us, fruit is a sugar so there's no need to sweeten it more. This is the smoothie for you if you're trying to satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way! 

C 600.jpg

Coffee Smoothie

We make our coffee smoothies with Harbor City Coffee coffee beans, roasted in Port Aransas. While we change out the accompanying flavors, we always start with the ultimate goodness of a locally roasted coffee. It's the perfect cold coffee pick me up!