"The more you know, the more you can create. There's no end to imagination in the kitchen." -Julia Child

 Image courtesy of Pat Romero


My friend Analisa, a marvelous baker, just couldn't understand why I wasn't eating her delicious goods. When I told Analisa my body would scream in various ways if I ate wheat, she set it out on a mission to feed me. Whew! At first, this was NOT a tasteful adventure but month after month, Analisa and I went back to the drawing board and finally started to understand how gluten free flours worked. We bounced ideas off one another for a better part of year until we came up with just the right formula. Boy, did we feed a lot of chickens with our hockey pucks but the tireless work has paid off and together, we created Kimmi's Gluten Free Flour! Now we're proud to be feeding people and have gotten rave reviews from many tasters that a) aren't even gluten free and b) say it's the best bread they've ever eaten! This is huge for us because we feed so many different people and have this need for everybody to be happy. I'm grateful for Analisa's work and owe her big gluten free kuddos for all the love! 



Many people today have developed an intolerance to wheat and/or gluten. The autoimmune form of this intolerance is called Celiac Disease but most people aren't that sensitive, they just have literal gut reactions when they eat wheat products. Most of us have created a weakened intestinal tract with our lifestyles of poor diet, stress and too many medications. Between these factors and that the fact that the actual wheat plant has evolved way beyond it's original genetic makeup, most guts have trouble digesting wheat products. Maybe you don't have any known issues, but it's always a good idea to vary your food intake because every type of food is going to offer a different nutrient profile. Also, please keep in mind that we at Kimmi's Fine Foods recommend limiting your processed and snack foods, regardless of your dietary choices. So please enjoy the heck out your baked goods but still treat them as the treats they intended to be!  


When first experimenting with Kimmi's Gluten Free Flour, please stick to our recipes. As you learn the ins and outs of working with our flour, feel free to venture beyond our tested recipes. While traveling along our very large and long learning curve, we discovered there were certain "rules" that gluten free flours had to follow in order to mimic their glutinous cousins. You'll find these below and we promise if you follow these tips and treasures, you'll be able to rock people's tastes buds off with your own creations! You might even be able to sub our flour in other people's recipes. We haven't tried much of this but are in the process, so we will keep you posted. 

Please tag us (@kimmisfinefoods or #kimmisfinefoods) if you post a new recipe so we can try it ourselves and maybe put on our website! We're always in the kitchen and would love to discover with what you're cooking up! 



Rules for Success

  • All ingredients must be room temperature, unless otherwise specified. 
  • Let all doughs and batters rest at least 20-30 minutes, unless otherwise specified. It takes gluten free flours much longer to absorb the wet ingredients. Doughs and batters are going to be wet, almost always like a batter. Use wet hands to pat doughs and batters down. 
  • Always mix in dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients. 
  • Can easily substitute milks and fats to accommodate your dietary needs but we NEVER recommend refined fats since they're no bueno to your body.