Quickie: Feed Your Mental Health

Proper digestion is key all types of wellness, including mental. First of all, the food we eat helps or hinders our ability to function properly. I heard a saying once that rang very true. What you put in your mouth is either creating health or harm.

What if the digestive system struggles with each meal? What if the foods you’ve been putting into your body have been causing more harm than good? Think your digestive system is struggling with just digestion or is this a full-time fight for survival? We need to be able to break down our foods into the proper nutrients, including amino acids to support and create neurotransmitters and minerals to help keep the bodily fluids and cells balanced. Constant stress on the digestive system automatically causes constant stress on the body. Having food sensitivities or even allergies can create imbalances outside of the gut. When our digestive system can’t assimilate and release, we can’t make serotonin and absorb B vitamins. Guess what is recommended in high doses for mental illness? Yep, B vitamins and most of the body’s serotonin is made in the gut.

Stated most simply, if we don’t feed ourselves properly, we don’t feel good. We can take all the recommended supplements or even drugs, but nothing saves us from what we put in our mouths, if it’s not beneficial to us. We can choose to thrive or choose just to get by. Your health and happiness is truly your choice.