Big FAT Truth: Low Fat or Good Fat?

The typical low fat diet almost always has increased carbohydrates and normally refined or processed carbohydrates. Because fat equals flavor, foods that are created to be low fat have added sugars in them. Just take a quick look at naturally occurring low fat foods, like fruit and grains, and think of the sugar content. Now take a quick look at manufactured low fat foods and think what it takes to process the products. What do corporations do to make low-fat food taste good? They add artificial flavorings and various types of sugar. Is this what you want to consume to help your body function at an optimal level or even at a level where you actually feel good most of the time?

When we start consuming foods high in sugar, we start producing too much cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands and it has many functions, mostly helping the body deal with stress and low blood sugar. When we eat foods high in sugar, our blood sugar spikes and then typically, we feel lethargic. This is our body’s response to low blood sugar. Also, our body produces insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels. When our liver and pancreas can’t pull the weight, the adrenals have to kick into gear. Too much cortisol leads to too much insulin. Guess what happens when the body gets overloaded with insulin? It becomes unresponsive or resistant to what’s being produced and cells become sticky (or glycation occurs) with too many sugars sticking to cell membranes. Sticky cells can't function as a normal cell would. 

Insulin resistance can lead to a whole gamut of health issues.


·Inability to Lose Weight

·Joint or Inflammation Issues

·Depression or Mood Disorders

·Thyroid Issues

·Fertility Issues and/or Endocrine Imbalances

·Slow Healing

·Premature Aging

·Poor Memory or Failing Memory

·Elevated Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

·Poor Mineral Absorption by Cells

Also take into consideration how the whole foods come from the earth. Does a cow or goat produce low fat milk? Does a pig produce low fat pork? No. There’s a reason all this fat is comes in the milk and meat. For starters, fat in the milk helps slow down the digestion of the sugars and the fat in meat helps provide the body with much needed fuel. We have fat around almost every cell and it's in our sweat and skin. There are certain vitamins (A, D, E & K) that can’t be digested without the presence of fat. Fat helps build healthy cholesterol and bile and our body’s inflammatory pathways depend on cholesterol and fat to function. And the most important function of fat, to me, is it tastes soooo durn good! Butter is BETTER! 

Wait! Don’t just run out and start eating copious amounts of fat! It’s important to know the types of fat that work best with the body and you have to make sure you’re capable of digesting the fat you eat. It’s best to eat fats (and all foods) that come from the earth and aren’t too processed. Ensure your oils are unrefined, cold pressed or raw. If an oil doesn’t come with an expiration date, we sure don’t need it in our bodies. Real food expires, period. Also, remember that heating oils to a super high temperature can cause them to change their molecular structure and this, in turn, keeps the body from recognizing it as an energy source. AKA, try to keep the fried foods to a minimum and fried foods are typically fried in trans fat oils, which are seen as a toxin and stored in adipose (fat) tissue as a protection mechanism.

Since the body of any animal will store toxins in fat, it’s also important to know where your food comes from. Are the cows your consuming hanging out in green pastures with space or jammed packed on feed lots with antibiotics in their grain-based foods? When you picture a happy cow, how do you envision it? As a fellow mammal, how would you be happiest? In your natural habitat eating food that you’re actually meant to digest or packed in a behind a chain link fence hanging out in your own feces? I think we know the answer to this. Not to mention, when cows and other animals aren’t allowed to eat their natural diets, they don’t produce the well-known and loved omega fats, minerals and vitamins. So eating farm raised fish doesn’t provide you with the benefits of a wild salmon or even shrimp. Just as eating feedlot meat doesn’t provide you with the benefits of ingesting a happy pig, cow or chicken.

Like I said, we also need to make sure our bodies are digesting the fats properly. We need stomach acid to break down our food. If protein isn’t broken down in the stomach, then chances are the fat isn’t separated. A presence of fat stimulates the release of bile, which in turn, helps break it down. Does your poop float or actually have globules of fat in it? Chances are you’re not digesting your food properly. You probably should supplement with bile if you don’t have a gallbladder.

All in all, know where your food comes from. Know it’s ok and much healthier to consume high quality fats. Know if you have any sugar issues, it’s always best to eat healthy fat with high sugared foods such as fruit or grains. Know that we should all slow down and limit our consumption of processed foods. But most importantly, know you are doing your best and if you’re reading this, you care enough about yourself to slowly start to make a difference. It takes small changes here and there. We all know we shouldn’t try to move mountains or build Rome in a day. Know we’re here for you and are happy to support you along your path to happiness and health.